Our Process

4 Steps to Creating Magic:
from superior quality to authentic and tasty flavors

Himadri procurement


Himadri sources a majority of its raw materials directly from farmers. This ensures superior quality and responsible sourcing, through pesticide-free products. Different spices are procured from different parts of India like Cumin from Gujarat, Coriander from Madhya Pradesh and Chilli, Turmeric, Pepper, Ginger and Cardamom from South India.

Himadri Quality Check

Quality Check

Visual inspections, sample testing in our NABL lab after each stage, steam sterilization and other processes like fumigation, vibratory shifters and passing through magnets ensure commitment to providing the highest possible quality of spices.

Himadri Production


Grinding of whole spices and/or blending powder forms to creative unique flavors require great care in the proportion and method to create authentic tastes and stimulating experiences.

Himadri Packaging


Automated packaging unit that offers packaging in boxes, pouches, packs, jars and bottles and in sizes from 5gm to over 1kg. Our services also include customized packaging on bulk orders and private labeling for companies*.

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